Women on the Front Line

Fighting Women

I’m not linking to anything in this post. This is purely my opinion and tbh I think there’s been so much wrangling in so many countries over this subject that all official ‘opinions’ (the ones that make the news) are effectively cancelling each other out. I think this is a Marmite topic, you’re either all for it, or all against it, I can’t imagine anyone being “Meh” about it!

The ‘against’ lobby appear to be citing the following as reasons why women shouldn’t fight on the front line in wars, alongside their male counterparts:

“Women are the delicate species, they aren’t built for combat” – I know many women who are just as capable, mentally tough enough and technically as able as the men they would be fighting with. Women are no longer the delicate little flowers of the world, I think there are enough female murderers, rapists, bullies and psyco/sociopaths now to prove the argument against this. I’m not saying they’re military-grade, but they certainly exist in ever-greater numbers.

“Women are less able to handle torture/rape” – Well, considering women have twice as many pain-receptors as men and yet have been proven to have a higher threshold for pain than men, I don’t think this holds water either. They may be more likely to suffer rape in a torture situation but then they no doubt know this and wouldn’t put themselves up for this type of thing if they weren’t prepared to have the theory tested. Besides which, many male torture victims have suffered rape as a reported outcome during their capture and they aren’t prevented from putting themselves at risk.

“Families need Mothers” – Families need Fathers too, but any Mothers putting themselves in harms way to defend our freedoms will have contingency plans for the event that they don’t come back from war. The military is not about to put both parents on the front line in a war situation, they have checks and systems in place to ensure that partners don’t fight together, they aren’t even allowed to be in the same disciplines in the forces. Which brings me on to:

“Women on the front line would distract their male colleagues who would want to protect them” – I very much doubt it. By the time any fighting company gets as far as the front line they will have undergone months, even years of training together, they would all have passed the same stringent physical and mental testing to make sure they are fit for combat and they would be practised at each doing the roles they have been assigned.

“Giving a pre-menstrual woman a gun would be a mistake” – This one is just ridiculous, women in a combat situation would not be the type that suffer with mood swings and back-stabbing, they would have to undergo the same psychological screening as the men and anything of that nature would be sure to be picked up by the rest of their company long before they ever got near a battle.

In short, if women are willing, capable and fit enough to fight, I don’t see why we are still labouring under the impression that men are the only ones who should be allowed to stand up for their beliefs, fight for their countries and work to protect the rights of the people they love.

As a footnote, the Spartans were encouraged to engage in carnal relations with other men in their battalions as the commanders believed that they would fight harder for the men they were involved with. Gives us something to think about eh?

Women have been fighting and dying for equality for centuries, why shouldn’t they be given the choice to fight and die for another cause they believe in passionately?

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