Feminism as a concept has gone totally to hell!

When women were actually, properly unequal, the ‘feminists’ of that time took real, direct action. Chaining themselves to gates and horse carriages, protesting with their underwear and demonstrating en force to try to get basic rights like owning property, voting and getting a decent education.

Today there’s a news story (and I use the word ‘news’ very wrongly!) that some fatuous bint who used to be married to a cheating footballer and is now married to a French pastry chef (or something) has changed her surname to be the same as his.

Apparently this is medieval and regressing feminism back to the late 1800s. The idea of a Father ‘giving his daughter away’ to the man she’s marrying is misogynistic and also be be abhorred generally.

Why? A woman now ‘has the right to choose’ to change her surname if she wants to, but she also ‘has the right to choose’ not to, or to organise a blending of both surnames, or a double-barrelled affair, the sky’s the limit really.

The point is that she ‘has the right to choose’ and for me, that’s the entire point of feminism.

A Father who escorts his daughter down the aisle and ‘gives’ her to her husband isn’t transferring ownership, like you would with a cow and a bill of sale, he’s demonstrating to her new husband that he has cared for and loved his daughter and that he’s trusting this man to do the same.

From my perspective, women still have a long way to go in terms of equality of thought. No matter how much they preach about marriage being a joining of equals, the majority of women still “choose” the traditional and habitual wedding in a church, in a big white dress and they repeat the ritual phrases of marriage.

That’s their choice, but the fact that they are still choosing to do that, speaks volumes to me about how ‘equal’ the modern day woman really wants to be in a traditional relationship.

The point is….they have the right to choose and you can’t decry them for exercising that choice, even if you don’t share it or agree with it. If you do Polly Hudson, then you’re not very bloody feminist!

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