About this site

“Those who know the least, know it the loudest” – various

This site is entirely my opinion and that of anyone who posts their own opinion in response.

Nothing here is absolute fact, only conjecture based on the available information and nobody is “wrong.” Opinion can’t be wrong as it is purely subjective.

Respect the opinions of people, even if they differ from your own and never be afraid to disagree. I will not accept attacks on any opinion, blatant trolling (unless you can ‘smilie’ your way out of it) or flaming of anyone who takes part by posting their opinion.

You may be offended by something posted, that’s fine, be offended. Nobody ever died of being offended and if you are, it means you have had a strong reaction to something that someone has written. If this happens, please post a response from your point of view, you might change some minds, you might not.

Feel free to comment, keep it clean and keep it as polite as possible, this is a place of safe debate and I hope you will….

…Who knows? We might just change the world, one opinion at a time!

Mrs Red xx

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