Hamas Tunnels

I don’t really know a lot of the truth about the Gaza strip conflict, certainly not the ‘truth’ that is reported in the news, but I suspect it’s not as simple as everyone makes out. It is clear that the landscape of Israel has changed to a massive degree, from Palestinian territory being vastly in the majority, to Israel taking over that majority, I very much doubt it’s all been peacefully accomplished.

My grandmother tells it thus; that in the beginning, the Israelis had no home of their own, a displaced people. Palestine allowed them house-room because the majority of the Palestinians were a nomadic race who took their homes with them. The Israelis moved in, built cities, developed as a people and became prosperous, at which point the Palestinians decided that they wanted a piece of that and started oppressing the Israelis to take their stuff.

Again, I don’t know the truth of that. I don’t think anybody really does. One thing I do think to be the case though is that this wrangling back and forth between two peoples, sharing a space has been going on with many atrocities, much fighting and many revenges being generated for a lot longer than just this recent escalation in conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Certainly on the face of it, Israel appear to be the wronged side, although that may just be clever reporting. Israel are the majority shareholders of the land and unless they plan to stamp Palestine out altogether (which is possible) they should be happy with the current status quo. They have been blockading Gaza for at least the last dozen years and this blockade tightened in 2007, it’s possible the Palestinians are fighting for their own freedom as an oppressed occupied nation? If indeed Palestine are sending unwarranted rockets over the border into Israel, killing indiscriminately, then at the same time, I can totally understand why Israel won’t stand for that.

At the same time, it seems that Israel are trying to control the situation and if the following reports are true then it speaks highly of their attempt to do so; dropping leaflets in advance of a bomb attack to warn civilians that they are living on the site of a munitions dump and should get out before Israel bomb it. Trying to destroy the tunnels Hamas built and are using to access Israel. Agreeing to and abiding by ceasefires and attempting peace dialogues.

News reporting suggests that the ceasefires have been broken by the Gaza side, usually with a few hours of them beginning, nobody can get aid in to help the civilians and nothing seems to be working to bring this current issue to a close.

All this said, Israel have reportedly known about the Hamas tunnel system for 2 years at least, why are they only now acting to close them? Is it a result of the current escalation and before, they were willing to live and let live until the rocket attacks began?Or is this current conflict giving them an opportunity to ‘clean house’ under the guise of protecting their population.

It seems everyone I speak to on the subject has their own opinion, their own agenda and nobody really seems to be sure of their own truth. I think that probably there is a massive share of the ‘blame’ for each side and nothing is going to be accomplished until both agree to let bygones be bygones and work out how they are going to move forward together.

I don’t think the UN are really helping, reports that the US is re-supplying the Israeli army with weapons is another occasion of the dangerous game they (and the UK) played in Syria during that whole insurgent mess, the UN are also trying to impose sanctions on Russia that mean something, I think they are a little stretched, especially since nobody can seem to agree on what the sanctions consist of, the UK is still supplying Russia, but apparently not ‘militarily’ which doesn’t seem to make much sense. Perhaps it’s because no-one wants to start another cold war, but as with Israel, unless someone can come up with definitive evidence that one side or the other is “right” and not just “politically advantageous” I really think they should keep out of it.

Still, the whole Russia/Ukraine thing seems to have gone quiet in the wake of the Israel/Palestine conflict escalation – it does make me wonder what the press/government are hiding in the news that won’t draw our attention because of the in-fighting though. The pictures in the press and the reporting of the conflict are designed to rile the Daily Mail readers of the world into a breakfast-time apoplexy and that campaign seems to be working a treat, however, even Newsnight is failing to keep an open mind and is reporting heavily on the side of Israel, so the chances of ordinary Joe’s like me being able to get at any kind of truth is quite remote.

As with all conflict around the world, only the powerful people involved know the real situation and as always, the innocent civilians will be the ones to bear the brunt of their leaders decisions. I just wish someone, somewhere could take an objective view, report the situation without emotion or over-reaction and tell it like it really is. My opinion of the matter isn’t going to make any difference to the outcome, but it would be nice to have enough information to be able to solve my internal conflict over what is being done by my government in all these cases.

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