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Listening to our favourite radio station today, the hated Al Murray show on Planet Rock. A listener wrote in and came up with a proposal that anyone seen out-and-about wearing a band t-shirt should have to take a rock citizenship test to determine their worthiness to wear said t-shirt. The criteria suggested were thusly:

The person should be able to name 3 singles and 1 album by the band, also should be able to name at least 1 band member……

That doesn’t seem unreasonable, apart from the fact that it means I may only wear t-shirts for the Mighty Mighty Foo Fighters, Queen and Eminem!

This is mostly to do with the fact that I have a rubbish memory, particularly for names, I can name 3 singles and an album for Metallica, Motorhead, Led Zeppelin and AC/DC, but until the Mister and I started discussing it, I couldn’t think of a single band members name. My memory takes what little I thought I knew and scrambles it into incomprehensible nonsense. Lemmy is the lead singer of Motorhead, but my memory had associated him with AC/DC so now I realise that I can’t name a single member of AC/DC if Lemmy isn’t one of them?!

Metallica, again I can name you singles I love but not an album title and the band members totally elude me!

I don’t think this makes me any less of a ‘fan’ of their music though, it just makes me flawed from a memory standpoint. I can still tell a Motorhead song when I hear it on the radio, the music of the bands I love still speaks to me on a personal level, but the music, the words and the way the songs fit together on an album still means much more to me than the 2nd Bass Guitarist’s inside leg measurement or the favourite ice cream flavour of the guy who was the original drummer in the late 1800s!

So, what we’ve learnt from this is that there is a division between fans of particular bands, it seems to be more prevalent in grown ups when it comes to rock bands…I’m not counting the tweenies with nothing more on their minds than the number of pairs of fluorescent socks owned by each member of 1Dimension or whatever they’re called!

Rock Band Snobbery is alive and well, according to some, I can’t call myself a fan of Led Zep because I didn’t know Robert Plant was in it. I first heard his name associated with Alison Krauss in the mid-noughties and thought I hated him!

Needless to say, if anyone stops me on the street while I’m in my Motorhead t-shirt and starts quizzing me on band members, they’re getting a punch in the mouth for their trouble!

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  1. Sir Not-Appearing-In-This-Film says:

    There is no place for snobbery in music, dicks just like moaning like dicks! I definitely don’t think it matters; I probably discover at least one new band every day! Am I supposed to know and remember song titles and member’s names for all of them? I mean shit, sometimes I can’t even pronounce the name of the band! ;-)
    I saw a great band at Bloodstock last year called Diesel King, excellent sludge band with humongous riffs! No idea what their song titles are or who’s who in the band, but I bought a t-shirt all the same (partly to support an up-and-coming band, and partly cuz, y’know, skulls ‘n shit).
    As long as you’re listening to the music and enjoying it, you’re a fan. It’s only the idiots buying t-shirts from bleedin’ Topshop and New Look with Motorhead and Ramones logos on them (yes, these exist) who’ve never heard a single song from either band who deserve to be mocked.
    You rock, your taste in music rocks, so wear whatever t-shirt you want and fuck the snobs! Keep on rockin’!! \m/

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